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I-80/Gilman Interchange Improvement Historic Resource Evaluation Report – 2017

Contracting Agency:                                       Caltrans, District 4

Funding Source:                                                FHWA
Lead Agency:                                                    
Date of Contract:                                              February 1, 2017
Date of Completion:                                       June 9, 2017
Location:  Napa, CA

Objective: Improve automobile and pedestrian safety of interchange.

Project Description: The project will reconfigure the existing interchange to include roundabouts, resurface and reconstruct portions of the existing roadways, and expand pedestrian and bicycle facilities.  It will also include utilities and drainage system relocations, installation of a new East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) recycled water transmission line, and relocation of light pole foundations near the roundabout that may require excavation to a depth of up to 13 feet below the surface.

Project Outcome: Ten historic-period resources were identified within the Area of Potential Effect. These resources, which span 15 parcels and 23 addresses, were evaluated to determine if they were eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. These resources consist of nine built environment resources and one historic-period archaeological deposit. Several of the built environment resources consist of multiple buildings that occupy more than one parcel and addresses. Based on the results of this investigation, only one resource, the California Ink Company Complex, was recommended as eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historical Places and the California Register of Historical Resources under Criteria A/1 and C/3. The historic-period archaeological deposit qualifies for exemption from evaluation under the Caltrans Programmatic Agreement (PA) with the California Office of Historic Preservation, Federal Highways Administration, and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, as amended in 2014. Submitted to Caltrans District 4. Project deliverables have been completed on time and within budget.